A Short Fiction Using 8 Webcomics Titles – (2004)

For a time I was involved in writing for and publishing The Webcomics Examiner, a webcomic review site dedicated to long-form webcomics and hypercomics. For some reason, it’s publication seemed to be somewhat divisive at the time. If memory serves, there was some balking regarding “serious criticism” of webcomics. Seems pretty funny now, given the niche nature of the internet. I believed then (and now) that making new work is not enough to build an audience. You need a circle of discussion around art to gain new readers and move the conversation about what’s possible. Admittedly much of this conversation was (and is) hot air.  But we live in a post-long tail world, and the intervening time since the Webcomics Examiner closed down has bore the idea that conversation about new art is never entirely wrong.

Each issue started with a new cover by a different artist, I did one in July of 2004.

I took 8 titles from popular webcomics of the time and used them to weave a short narrative about loss.

You can read the comic here.