Hypercomics.net began years ago in the golden age of webcomic creation. Back then, in the primordial bubbling ooze of the internet, the site was dedicated to formalism and experimentation with comics in a digital environment.

Over the years it has been a portfolio, a collective showcase, and a group blog, all these incarnations followed the goal of raising the awareness of online storytelling and multiple-path narration.

This recent incarnation finds hypercomics.net returning to it’s original purpose as a repository for the work of it’s founder, Neal Von Flue.

Neal has been making hypercomics for over 15 years. His work was used in Webcomics – Tools and Techniques for the Digital Artist by Steven Withrow and John Barber and Character Design for Graphic Novels from Focal Press, as well as the documentary film Adventures into Digital Comics.

In the early days of the internet he made visually rich webcomics with an emphasis on nonlinear storytelling models and pioneered story navigation in the digital environment. His award winning collaboration with Alexander Danner, Five Ways to Love a Cockroach was featured in MoCCA’s Infinite Canvas art exhibition. His comic The Jerk earned him a spot on Scott McCloud’s list of up and coming talent. Though, admittedly, that was quite a few years ago.

He has been teaching art for over a decade through schools, civic organizations and private instruction and is currently teaching 3D Art and Digital Media at Vistamar School. He was the president of the El Segundo Art Association as well as a guest member of the Advisory Board for the SoCal ROC School of Art and Design. He has juried art shows and is a guest speaker for groups and schools on art techniques and the intersection of traditional and digital media. His new presentation, The Creativity Diagram is now available.