The Halcyon Years “Sleeping Dark Things” – (2001)

The Halcyon Years was a series of short infinite canvas comics, some of which included early experiments with interactive elements.

This installment was a typical vertical scroller, but it was constructed in reverse like the previous HY installment “Go Figure”.

I came across some lovely photos at and started to use Poser to constructs scenes with skeletons in them. Each one was built with no particular idea in mind, and after about 10 of them I set out to tie them into a narrative. I had to make a few more in order to fill in gaps and then (after getting permission to use the original photos) built it into a comic.

Also, this later became a Synesthesia Drive-In installment with the addition of a musical translation by Nichlaus Von Hulsebus. The song is posted with the comic.

You can read the comic here.